An Energy Star home

our philosophy

"When one tugs at a single thing in mature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."

- John Muir

With SummerPlace Homes you'll enjoy the security of knowing that you're working with a team of highly skilled building professionals, with nearly three decades of experience, building beautiful, high performance homes in ​​Clark County, Washington. Not only do we understand quality construction techniques here at SummerPlace, but we've taken home construction techniques to the next level. With our focus on building science, we're continually looking for better ways to construct higher quality homes that will last for generations. By working with our key trade partners, we're able to put an emphasis on High Performance Homes. Not only do we look at ways to build a better home, we also look at ways to build it without increasing the cost wherever possible. Your family will benefit in more ways than you may possibly ever know. You'll flourish in a wonderful, carefully designed, finely crafted home of your dreams from SummerPlace Homes. SummerPlace Homes, Building a Climate of Excellence.™

discover the green advantage

Why should you and your family enjoy the "Green Advantage?" Because your SummerPlace home will be healthier, it's impact on the land on which it sits will be lower and its overall carbon footprint, the shrinking of which is so important in turning the tide on global warming, will be much smaller.

​Building Science

At SummerPlace Homes we have gone above and beyond many Green Builders in an effort to protect the environment. With cutting edge building techniques and Energy Star certification, our Green Homes are healthier. Plus, with the increased savings your wallet will thank you, leaving you happier.

Our Commitment

We proudly incorporate Energy Star principles into every home we build:

  • ​Environmental Responsibility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Clean Indoor Air
  • Resource efficiency